Maggie (macbethisme) wrote in asparagus_story,

I hate my boyfriend's friends.
They're a group of four girls. And they're the type of girls who don't spend all their time preening in front of a mirror, but manage to come to school looking pretty. Or at least the guys think so. They're hte type of girls who all dress the same, all act the same, all flirt the same, and the best part is--they're unaware of it.
They try so hard to be normal, to be accepted, yet try just as hard to be individual, to be unique. It doesn't work.
They're the type who talks about everybody behind their backs--even their "best friends". They put pictures of all their friends in their binders, to show off how popular they are.
They're the type who has a boyfriend, yet still manages to flirt with all the guys--and nobody calls them out on it.
They're the type who:
dumped chocolate milk on me in 7th grade
who forgot about said incident
and try to be all nice to me in front of me
invite me to places
and all this shit
yet whenever i turn around, i hear whispers about me. they talk about me, they make fun of me.
i don't like it.
but it really doesn't matter.
except that they're his friends.
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Wow! That sucks a lot, but I know what you mean... are you still in High school?

Eventually those people self destruct and/or realize that throughout life they never had any real friends. I've seen it happen on a few instances, so hold out and don't worry about what they think because they'll get what's coming to them!!! Bad Karma!!! :-P
i agree entirely... they'll get what's coming to them... it's probably just better to not waste the effort/energy on hating them. just smile at them, and pity them on the inside, because until they grow out of their "talking shit" phase, they will never truly be real people.
aww, thank you.

and yes, i am still in high school.