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Who loves who loves who loves me?


3/2/04 01:23 pm - thatyousay - Ohh oh oh...

Well to start things off, I thought I would bring back a story from the past (probably because I just saw Tim after class today and he made me laugh) and Lindsay got her tongue pierced.

"It's like you really like donuts, especially the jelly kind. So you're going along and you get what seems like a regular donut. You eat the donut, it's enjoyable, and then you realize WOW it's a jelly donut! Then it's that much more enjoyable.
And that's why tongue rings are great."

I'm sure I'll write another story soon hehe.

3/1/04 12:15 am - thatyousay - Neon lights...

Here I am.
I love you all!
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