Remaining Girl (wolfhickey) wrote in asparagus_story,
Remaining Girl

but it's much too soon to leave this easy life

have you ever been in a class, where maybe the material isn't so great or maybe it's absolutely amazing, where you put a decent amount of effort into the work, actually study for tests, go to lectures and always get the homework done. You think to yourself "I should get an A in this course, at this point that wouldn't be an issue at all". Then you talk to other people who took the course and hear that they never went to lecture, copied the homework from eachother and generally didn't give a rat's ass (haha, I love that phrase) about it at all, but still all got A's for their crap effort. Not because they are super-geniuses or anything, it just turns out there's a really huge curve, or the prof doesn't really grade anything. Now, you'd still like the A, but it's all been cheapened and you know you won't feel good about it like you thought you would have before. Your effort must mean no more to the prof than it did from those other students and you realize it's probably not worth it. Or is it?
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